Fight cancer like a Dot Rat!

Cancer has affected just about every family I know including my own. My mom, brother, aunts and uncles have all battled it. One common thing I found in each instance is the people all took on a tough attitude. Along with Boston’s amazing medical community,  my loved ones went into treatment with a chip on their shoulder, and in most cases had successful treatments.  Even when you fight like a Dot Rat there are still social and economic challenges you may face in your journey to recovery. Living in the Boston area can be extremely expensive, I personally think the RE prices are still overvalued and just paying for a roof over your head while living check to check can be daunting. Now imagine losing part of your income while fighting cancer and paying your medical bills.

Not easy on the wallet or the brain.

One thing this community does well is band together….and on November 10th at Florian Hall we will do it again for Janet Flaherty & TJ Dye.

TJ is fighting pancreatic cancer and could use our support!

Please visit for more information.




Fellow Dot Rat and Mass Art grad Tracy King is bringing her artistic skills to the table and helping those battling cancer. Inspired by her own mother Pam, and her fight with 4 incarnations of the disease, Tracy has created the Next Birthday Project.

Here is Tracy’s description of her project.

This is a campaign to showcase those who survive, those currently battling and those lost to cancer.  I want to showcase each story I am getting by putting a face(s) and message to it through my photography.

This project is ongoing and has no end date. My goal is to have this spread globally  as a “Hope & Inspire” campaign to people directly and indirectly affected by cancer. There are so many wonderful organizations out there supporting and rallying their efforts against the disease; its time now to focus on the actual people.”

Let’s reach out and help both of these wonderful families!



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