Irish you would come to the festival…

Yeah…I know…I’m pretty forkin clever.

Anyway, this is a huge weekend. As if we didn’t celebrate being Irish enough, we went ahead and decided to stomp all over the German’s Oktoberfest and the Italian’s Columbus Day weekend to throw an even bigger party than both of them combined! “Wait Dot Rat….Columbus discovered America….that isn’t right!”  I love my Italian brothers, but I say its brilliant planning, there’s a good chunk of us that get Monday off.  Besides, we need to celebrate getting an Irish American Dot Rat elected as Mayor.

There’s a few of us that have already starting raiding the Sons of Italy…..

I for one think this Bocce ball sh*t has been going on for far too long….

It’s time to play more Hurling…it’s way more exciting and if you haven’t witnessed someone get cracked in the face with a Hurley you haven’t lived….but I digress.

Having two St Patty’s days just because is why being an Irish Dot Rat is so god damn sexy!

I want to take a moment to thank John O’Toole, Sean Weir and the rest of the volunteers and businesses that make the day possible. There was a ton of people who were really bummed out that it didn’t take place last year and I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s good to have it back.

For more information go to

Make sure to find yourself transportation this Sunday….be safe!



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