You from Boston?

It’s pretty common these days for anyone living within the 495 loop to claim they are from Boston. For Bostonians…this little fudged detail tends to get under our skin like no other. Why wouldn’t someone want to be from a place like Cohasset, Plymouth or Medford? The places aren’t too shabby…these are towns with great qualities and rich traditions.

Over the past few weeks this argument has reached new heights within my circles because of the recruit process with public safety officers in Boston. I happen to think that Bostonians should get preference when these jobs are filled.

It’s common for recruits to lie about their residence upon taking the test to become a police officer or firefighter. Some may have family living within city limits and claim that address. Some may live 40 miles outside the city and have never lived here to begin with.

So what Dot Rat? Why is it such a big deal?

I think Bostonians have a vested interest in their own communities. For instance, someone who grows up on Geneva Ave is better suited to police that area than someone from Dedham. A firefighter from Charlestown is probably going to assimilate to a house faster than the kid from Newton. It’s not to say people outside of Boston are sub human….but who the f*ck am I to take Brockton Fire job before a Brockton resident. Even with training I am a complete liability a lot longer than a Brockton born firefighter.

These are jobs that at their very core require the utmost integrity.

If one Dot Rat served his country in Iraq and scored a 96 on the test….and another kid from Weymouth did the exact same and gets the job because he either knew someone and or fudged where he was from…..where is the integrity? Go be a Weymouth firefighter!

There’s instances where generations of families have been paying taxes in Boston 100+ years….that should be taken into consideration.

Prove 5 years of residency before you apply….

Am I being unreasonable?


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