Tonight is for Martin Walsh…

In case you haven’t noticed the signs everywhere. We have a Dot Rat running for Mayor of Boston that goes by the name Martin J. Walsh.

Marty will get my vote for a number of reasons, many of which I will explain over the coming weeks leading up to the election. With that said I will give you my primary reason, experience.  Marty Walsh is a man who has walked in my shoes. He has dealt with the same set of obstacles many of us have faced as Bostonians.  Each and every time he’s been knocked down throughout the course of his life because of these obstacles he has dusted himself off, and evolved..not only as a politician but as a human being.  Check out his recent sit down with the Suffolk County Sheriffs office.

What makes Marty so dynamic that he’s not only book smart, but street smart as well. Every time I have seen him sit down at a table for a negotiation or a debate with his fellow candidates, I am fully confident he’s the most in tune with the pulse of our city because of his experience here in Dorchester.

Tonight at Florian Hall the Dropkick Murphys and Steve Sweeney will be performing at a fundraiser for Marty’s campaign and I will be reporting live (If my phone cooperates).

If you can’t make it , please drop by

Make a donation or volunteer your help to support the next Mayor of Boston!


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