George’s drink of the week…

So my cousin George loves to experiment with booze. He’s got so many bottles of liquor he could fuel Brazil’s mass transit fleet for a week. So the mayor of Neponset avenue and I are sitting here listening to some old school Kurtis Blow and DMC when he kicks the party in overdrive. He looks at me and says “Dude you gotta try my new drink”. Now whenever I hear that it usually means I’m completely f*cked and its going to be one of those mornings when you can hear the sunlight coming through the window. This drink is incredible though…

George calls it the Pink Panther….

3 Parts Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka – Hand Crafted in Austin Texas BTW
1 Part Rose’s Watermelon Mix
Serve over ice and sip away….

Wish me luck tomorrow luck cause these are going down like Gatorade….


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