The Jason Aldean effect…

For whatever reason, ladies love Jason Aldean. Maybe it’s the mixing of rap and country.

Maybe it’s the crooked nose, hoop earrings and the deer tattoo.

Either way…Fenway was crawling with Jason’s adoring does over the weekend. And wherever there’s a bunch of drunk females looking for country studs in Boston…..there’s a bunch of enterprising Massholes looking for a good doe hunt. Mind you, you’re probably never going to see some dude named Sully or Flabbo walking down D street wearing a plaid cutoff shirt and a cowboy hat….that’s like an automatic beating.  But you bet your ass Sully and Flab were in disguise at Fenway, trying like hell to recite Dirt Road Anthem all for the sake of bringing home a trophy doe. Wouldn’t be surprised if I heard a few tales of the old days when Sully and Flab used to steal rope mustangs up at Farragut park. Anyway, the women were eating it up. One chick in particular couldn’t control herself, she was so turned on that she had to give the fellatio pose to one of our fans…..even though nobody really even knew her.


Was she shitfaced?  Im not sure….maybe Southie cowboys and Jason Aldean makes a girl want to throw sex faces around….




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