It’s time to show up…

Today I’m feeling a bit slighted, maybe even angry. Nobody could really imagine that “asshole #2” would have supporters standing outside the courthouse yesterday. I did see that a couple of people wandered over to bark at these attention whores….and bravo to them for chiming in….although they probably could have used some help.


Quick question….Does anyone remember this?

Yup….I remember it too.

Now there’s a part of me that would really like to have seen all of the “supporters” get the living shit kicked out of them. But this is a first class blog and there are standards I should adhere to….right?  There’s also a part of me that feels that we as Dot Rats and Bostonians are lowering our own standards by essentially letting a bunch of whack jobs stand on our soil and defend an enemy of the United States….an enemy that killed and hurt many of our own. It just doesn’t sit right with me….I legitimately feel like we are being smacked around and doing nothing about it. I saw supporters holding up signs with pictures of  “asshole #2” .  I did not see one person holding a sign of the victims…..not one….totally unacceptable.

Nobody was there holding up any flags? I could have thought of a few……


There is no excuse for us not to have a presence at the courthouse when the next court date comes … it’s time to send a message.

Will you show up?

I will bring my version of the Chechen flag….







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  • These A-Holes should get a job and a life I love how they claim to be stand up citizens bullshit there’s more than enough evidence.

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