The Aaron Hernandez option…

Yeah, it sucked to watch the B’s go down in that fashion last night. Especially since they played such a good game after the first half of period one.

But hey, look on the bright side, you could be Aaron Hernandez.

Mr. Thug Nasty from Bristol Connecticut just can’t keep away from trouble. Dude is walking around with his 40 million dollar contract shooting people in the grillpiece down in Miami and now either him or one of  his leeches decided to carry out a hit on a fellow Dot Rat.

I know, nobody knows for sure what happened……riiiight. Save that shit for someone who grew up in rural Kentucky.

Listen, there is nothing more aggravating to me than seeing some kid make it out of a tough neighborhood and become wildly successful only to squander it because he can’t shake his asshole ways he picked up while surviving in the hood.  Dude, ya got 40 million clams, go see a fucking movie. Go buy a new hat….take the lady down to the Bahamas for the weekend. But noooooo, Aaron would rather play 2Pac up in some sleazy club or on a troubled backstreet in Dot.  It’s just a waste…and so frustrating to watch.

Check out Dimples McThuggy take the question…. “How much do you think a hit on you is worth?”

Aaron Hernandez better get his act together. Because if there’s one thing I have learned about Dorchester over the years….if you play this killing game….you can expect retaliation. The price on Aaron’s head wouldn’t be that big either, it would be merely revenge.

Then again maybe Aaron should have a discussion with Paul Pierce.



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