Happy Birthday Martin…

Maybe it was your zest for life or perhaps it was your amazing family. It seems that regardless of the many heavy hearts caused by your absence, you cant help but feel the mark you left in this world.

The neighborhood seems more united than I can ever remember it. Parents seem to be cherishing every little moment spent with their children just a bit more. Boston as a city feels like a more inspired place….it’s as though we have refocused on what is important.

It’s funny how a tshirt could make me feel like you were with us on Dot Day.


It’s hard not to feel your presence at TD Garden as well…


And for this old Dot Rat, you managed to make me look to the sky a little more and say thanks for all the gifts I have been given.

Today I’m certainly looking to the sky as well, not only to say Happy Birthday, but to say thank you for being such a gift to this city!


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