The Molly Moo’s Cruise…

So I’m talking with my brother a couple of weeks back and he starts going on and on about this ice cream shop over in Quincy. Both my brothers and I always shared the same 2 vices, chocolate chip cookies and a mocha frappes. Turns out this new place serves both…made from scratch. So I decide to take a cruise to Molly Moo’s.

The shop is located 139 Beach St, dead center between Hancock Street and Wally Beach, and about 4 blocks from Eastern Nazarene College. You walk into the shop and are just immediately hit with the smell of fresh backed cookies. That alone makes me want to party! The shop is very clean and decorated in baby blue with handwritten chalk boards for the menu…it’s got a good neighborhood vibe to it.

Lets get down to brass tacks here. So my lovely date orders up an ice cream sandwich which is Molly Moo’s flagship product. She went with coffee ice cream sandwiched between 2 chocolate chip cookies. Yours truly went with the  frappe….within a few minutes it was time to party. First the frappe, super rich, thick and mocha….in other words Beyonce in a cup. What red blooded guy would like a cup of Beyonce? I was a very happy dude, but now it was time to mooch off my date. I had to move in quick because she was getting after it. I took one bite, just one, and this was my immediate reaction: “You gotta be f*cking kidding me”.

Yes it was that good. I know…. not something you normally see in an ice cream review but hey, this is how Dot Rats roll. I went back a second time and spoke with the owner a bit. Turns out he’s a Don Bosco grad that grew up  in Quincy. Really friendly guy with plans to sell his sandwiches at the next Dot Day Parade. My guess is it will be a very short day for him.

Do yourself a favor, gather the clan and head over to Molly Moos!

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