Campbell is a Dot Rat…

He showed grit, he may have saved us a goal, he didn’t leave his teammates and as it turns out his leg was broken in the process. Greg Campbell’s display of courage last night exemplifies what it means to be a hockey player, a Bruin, a Bostonian and ultimately a Dot Rat. It’s no secret that when our players (in any sport) show this type of toughness it only endears them to us….the fans. Bostonians love to see people master adversity, we embrace the fighting spirit and have done so since we invented America.

Yeah…I just said that – Testosterone and Caffeine my friends.

Whether it’s Curt Schilling’s bloody sock in the 2004 World Series or Marvin Hagler’s 3rd round against Tommy Hearns in “The War”, we have given these athletes legendary status here in Boston….Greg Campbell should be no exception.

If any of our readers actually have the means to get in touch with Greg Campbell….I would love to give him a Dot Rat shirt!




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