The Dot Day Dance…

Dot Day has traditionally been a time to catch up with old friends, tie a buzz on, eat a burger or 5 and catch the parade. But then you have other Dot Days were you go overboard and maybe drink a bit too much (we have all done it). During our younger years, for us guys this might have entailed a fist fight. And for the female Dot Rats this may have entailed….umm….well….a fist fight. Dot Day was just like that…the quarrells of the neighborhood got sorted out that day for some reason….and by 11PM you’re drinking together and best buds again.

But there’s some people who fall out of JJ’s after few hundred drinks. Then a few slices of Venice pizza later….it’s on. The sounds of the marching bands are too much to handle…it’s friggin DOT DAY…..and they just wanna DANCE!!

Ohhh yeah…’s probably a good time to let go of some of your communion money and  finally buy one of our Dot Rat shirts!!!


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