What could go wrong?

Over the years I have seen some pretty creative marriage proposals, and they usually go off without a hitch. But like any good Dot Rat, I believe in a back up plan. Perhaps a well planned escape route if the lady says no. This Portuguese dude took the plunge on a flight recently. Now this guy made what turned out to be a really brilliant move. Brilliant because he upped his chances of her not declining his offer because he put her on the spot in front of a large audience at her workplace. I mean it wouldn’t be showing much stewardship if a stewardess said no in front of the passengers…that’s just sacrilegious…her job is to keep them happy.


On the other hand it could have gone horribly wrong. What if she was horsing the pilot on the DL? Bam! She says hell no!  I saw Flight with Denzel Washington, I know how pilots roll, some women just can’t resist them. This dude could have easily been the stupidest pr*ck on the plane. Thank god that wasn’t the case, and he didn’t have to sit there in front of all those people for the duration of the flight to Barcelona.

If that was a Dot Rat, he would board with nothing less than a 30 pack of beers, a parachute and the receipt for the ring. The whole thing is a giant leap of faith and kudos to Portuguese guy for executing his plan. I’m just saying you should as much faith in your ability to leap from 30,000 feet if the sh*t hits the fan. And no, I wouldn’t leave any beers for Denzel……



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