My Swarovski Girls…

I want to send a big shout out to Kaitlin and Alex for being so Dot Rat friendly today! Like every other red blooded guy, I think shopping bites it, plus I’m extremely picky. Strolling around South Shore Plaza getting lightheaded from all the Ass Axe body spray is not my idea of a good time. But, these two attractive young ladies helped make the experience stress free and were friendly during the process…and I appreciate that!

Alex (Blondie) wanted me to pass some love along to a friend of our blog….Mr Southie Bad Boy himself….Jay Giannone. @jay_giannone – Turns out she went to the same High School as my man Gio Dee.

Kaitlin (Brunette – and I hope I’m spelling her name right) totally confessed that she loves herself some Dorchester boys! Can you blame her? I mean we are straight magic…just sayin.

So with that in mind, I suggest all my fellow young brutally handsome Dot Rats pay my Swarovski girls a visit. Just mention and all your sh*t will be 70% off………I’m kidding!

Thank you ladies!


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