Wes lost his crown…

30 beers…check.

18 pounds of corned beef….check.

Potatoes, Carrots, Cabbage….check

Brand new scally cap from Ireland…check

New Pope …..check

Sign Wes Welker……..what do you mean he’s Satan Manning’s new go to receiver? That f*cking midget!

Who was Welker before the Patriots? Would he have the stature and respect he has within the NFL if he stayed in Miami? Would he have the numbers both statistically and financially if it weren’t for people like Kraft, Belichick and ultimately Brady? So this is how Wes Welker shows loyalty and integrity? You know what? Denver and Horseface Killah can have him. Next season I hope Mayo knocks the rest of his hair off in the middle of the field.


This St Patty’s day I will stare down at the crown on my Claddagh ring and toast to loyalty. It’s a value we cherish…we’re taught this at a very young age here in Boston. It’s not bought….it’s instilled. That loyalty has played a crucial role in the success of so many Irish and millions of others that came to America for a better life. I don’t believe loyalty is passé.

Brady understands loyalty….Wes being so “undervalued” does not.


1 thought on “Wes lost his crown…”

  • I have been following the Patriots for years ever since I was a little boy and I think that this is the wrongest move they had ever made by letting you go.They should gave you what you asked for because you are worth ever penny.You are one of the best player in the NFL.You will surely be missed.

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