Stone Temple Pirate…

On any given night past 2AM, you can stroll through the streets of Boston and hear the obnoxious ramblings of a people who dropped enough tips to elude those who are TIPS certified in order to get tipsy. We are drinkinest city in America after all. Yeah, I know that’s not a word but it just feels right. You got the apes who spent all week at the gym getting buff only to go home empty handed, they usually like to yell a lot. Then you got the “winebags”, typically the women who’s shrill screams and obnoxious laughing is a thin veil for their contempt of having to return home to their cats….or even worse….a family.

Then of course you have the “artists”, who like to butcher perfectly good STP songs outside the Wilbur theater in an attempt to get some action. This dude was suspect the moment he walked out of his house with a chain wallet. Do you think the girl went for it?

My condolences to Scott Weiland…I promise this dude is not the reason Stone Temple Pilots terminated you.



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