The Beastles…

You gotta fill your need for Beastie Boys material any way you can. Why not mash it up with the Beatles….

The Beastles

Bob Cronin, known by the moniker dj BC, is a Boston-bred, Atlanta based mash-up DJ. BC’s work has been heard on radio and television internationally.

dj BC received both acclaim and controversy after his release of the self-made albums “The Beastles” and “Let it Beast,” by The Beastles, a fictional band represented with the mash up of music from The Beatles and the Beastie Boys. Both albums have since been removed. Some tracks from the first Beastles album, along with other dj BC mashups and Beastie Boys bootlegs, were included on a rare 2-Part limited vinyl release by the Japanese record label Hotshot Records.

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