Live from Rino’s…

I don’t know about you, but there is no other food on the planet I love more than Italian. Even for an Irish lad, I consider myself pretty versed in Italian/American cuisine. Sh*tty commute aside, when I worked on the North Shore I was able to experience some of the best Italian shops around. You can keep your touristy overpriced spots in the North End, most of them can’t even come close to the small mom and pops Italian specialty shops further North. One of those places is a quick shot through the tunnel in East Boston. If you haven’t been to Rino’s Place, get it on your bucket list.

Take the menu, hang it on the wall, throw a dart at it and whatever the dart lands on….have that….you will not be disappointed. Just make sure to patch up the hole, you don’t need any burly Italian guys smacking you up and down Saratoga Street for messing up the walls.

After your meal, you may even luck out. Check out Herb Reed and the Platters throwing down a classic after dinner the other night….Forget about it!!



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