Dot is proud!

Bill Traft and Marc Anthony Muniz did a fantastic job representing Dorchester last night.

First up in the amateur matches was Muniz who from the opening bell started working a stiff left jab that seemed to stop his opponent dead in his tracks every time he tried closing the distance. Both fighters displayed long lean physiques but Muniz seemed to use it more to his advantage. Muniz proved to be the effective aggressor the entire fight and took the decision.

Muniz fought like a Dot Rat and the boys down at the Dorchester Boxing Club must be very proud this morning! Keep your eyes on this kid!

When the music came on and the lights dimmed a bit….I gotta admit…seeing Bill Traft on the big screen at the Garden shot our adrenaline through the roof. The entire crowd was yelling for Bill. When the first round bell was struck it was very obvious that Bill had better form than his opponent Joe Powers. Because of his transition from MMA, Powers often stood square with Traft instead of using a traditional boxing stance. Bill’s kinetics were flawless and because of that he was able to overwhelm Powers throughout the course of the fight with lightning fast hands. Traft worked a very sneaky left hook that seemed to come from left field and Powers got caught with it repeatedly. The crowd was very much  into the fight and even started a Bill-y chant. Aside from a barrage from Powers late in the match that seemed to come out of frustration, Traft dominated and took the decision.

Bill Traft fought like a Dot Rat…

His family, the BPD and TNT Boxing are all very proud today!

Photo by Barry Chin/Boston Globe




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