The Best Coffee in Dot…

With the resounding success of our “Best Packie in Dorchester” award, I have decided to do an annual “Best Coffee in Dot’ award. I’m sure Morrissey Boulevard Wine and Liquors has appreciated the extra business from around the world we have been able to send their way. Not really, but it sounds phenomenal. I figure if there is anything we enjoy drinking more than booze “especially after a night of boozing” it’s coffee. We take our coffee as seriously as our friends on the other end of  Interstate 90.

So with that being said it’s going to go like this. I want only local mom and pops businesses to be included in this poll. Starbucks doesn’t need any press, nor does Mitt Romney need any extra cash to send offshore with his Dunkin Donuts empire. It can be a corner store that has great java or one of the spots that specializes in coffee. If the establishment isn’t listed…go ahead and type it in type it as a comment….it will count. We are looking for cleanliness, price, quality and especially service. Everyone knows there’s nothing worse than dropping a buck in a tip jar only to have someone serving you coffee that would rather be home smashing pop tarts and watching Jerry Springer.

The winner will get a coffee mug and a pretty bad ass award to hang on the wall. Not to mention the bragging rights of being the preferred fuel of Dot Rats everywhere!



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