The Shield…

So one of the most painful moments in a American history has played itself out over the last few days. Today the families tried to grieve, as funeral processions began in Newtown. As if laying your child to rest for the very last time wasn’t enough. Arguably the most classless organization in this country is promising to show up. Westboro Baptist Church…..

These folks are almost the equivalent of Christian Al Qaeda in my book. An extremist group with a twisted interpretation of the Bible who exploit media gatherings to get their message out there. They may not kill people (yet) but the methods they employ are nothing short of torture, especially to those in such a vulnerable state like the families of fallen soldiers or a town who’s loss of 20 children made the world shutter. They are the perfect example for all that is flawed with the human race.

Luckily for us, we have people who stand against this type of extremist vision of the world. Tomorrow, a group of men and women will step forward much in the same fashion they did when their country asked them to stand up against Al Qaeda. The American Infidels MC and their supporters will be in Newtown doing their part to make sure not one family has to look at these excuses for human beings. I would urge anyone with the time and means to do exactly the same.

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