Welcome Home Dot Rat!

So we have Dot Rats all over this great country of ours. My pal and fellow Dot Rat Patrick Keefe sent some pictures my way recently from Florida. His son Staff Sgt. Tony Keefe, also a proud Dot Rat, came home for Thanksgiving after an 18 month deployment with the Air Force. So, Mr and Mrs. Keefe did what any 2nd Amendment loving Dot Rats would do for their son….they planned a day out.

That’s right baby! They showed up at Sun Life Stadium and represented like Patriots!!! I only wish I could have talked Pat into squeezing off a few rounds for every Pats touchdown like the End Zone Militia at Gillette Stadium….but that might have been a little too much for fish fans…they just don’t roll like we do.

Anyways, I just wanted to pause for a second and pay some thought and recognition to the Keefe family. While I tip my cap to Tony for his service in Iraq and abroad, I also recognize that every great soldier has a strong family supporting them at home. Without that support the job grows exponentially more difficult. It’s that team effort, just like in football, that makes for champions.

My father, a former Marine once told me that “the most honorable thing that a person can do as an American is serve their country”.

The entire Keefe family has honor, they are all Patriots, and everyone back here in Dorchester is proud of them!

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