Dot Rat Radio…

So my buddy Jake has been chasing me for a while to create a podcast. I tried to avoid it for a while but Jake is a pretty persistent dude. So I pitched in a few bucks, we got one microphone and a mixer and now we are ready to take the world by storm. Not really, I’m not exactly “trained” in any of this like a Danny Picard for instance, which is why I was so reluctant to do it. So we get hopped on some caffeine on Saturday night and went for it. Once we started recording I actually chilled out and started to enjoy it. We kept it loose and just had convo over some music. We talked about life in general and even took a phone call from Jake’s girl…. “Karen from Brookline”. The audio is choppy because of the one mic situation….but here’s 12 minutes of our 55 we spent recording. We are totally learning this as we go and the language can be rough but we do want your opinion.

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