Boylston street fraud…

So this is the released footage of the Boylston Street station trolley crash. Now I’m sure it scared this living sh*t out of everyone on the trolley…but as you can see it was merely a fender bender.  When the impact happened the doors on the trolley that got hit were still open. Watch homeboy do the Southie shoulder roll out of the trolley….get up like he’s perfectly fine. Then he realized “oh shit…its a payday” and then carefully lay back down on the platform to fake an injury. I gotta admit, P.K. Subban would be proud. One problem, the genius left his Mac Book and crayons on the trolley. Einstein tries to crawl over to grab his sh*t, realizes he blew his cover (for the second time) then walks away. Guess he will not be seeing Dr. Winteroff this year.

100 bucks says this guy is related to this other fraud in Taiwan. You have to love technology!

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