Slipping the uppercut…

So I’m having coffee with my good friend Chris B. a few days back and he starts raving about this video.


Right? I don’t know how the b*tch got up either….what a chin! Now I don’t endorse men hitting women, nor am I an advocate for people hitting people….regardless of gender. However, I’m an advocate for defending yourself, and once Shaquella decided to spit on this bus driver, he had every right to defend himself.

Here’s my reasoning:

1# Spitting on someone is considered assault.

2# The bus driver was not only responsible for his life but everyone else’s on that bus. What if she decided to start punching him after she already spit on him and he ends up crashing?

3# If your going to initiate contact with anyone, assume they will return the favor. You have to be willing to get hit if you want to hit another person. Most boys are taught this at an early age (I hope)…. It should be taught to both boys and girls.

#4 It’s just not a sexy look for the ladies.

Now I know there are men out there that love a feisty lady. I like a woman that can put up a scrap if she has to. But, there is nothing attractive about a woman that goes looking for it. The only time you get a pass is when your future plans include making it onto the Bravo channel to kick the sh*t out of every housewife and Shah you can get your hands on. In that case I totally understand and I will get you sparing sessions with the Grealish family or Bill Traft. Otherwise it gets old really quick…

I can remember some batsh*t crazy chicks that would hang around the various parks in Dorchester. Some had quite a reputation for themselves, some where actually physically attractive, and most could easily kick a few guys asses at the drop of a hat. But I mean talk about awkward if one of them took a liking to you. How do you say no? Some of these chicks could literally drink all your beers then ask for a kiss at the end of the night. Hearing “dude give me a kiss” just doesn’t invoke anything erotic for the average Dot Rat….but I watched it go down time and time again. You know who you are fellas, and I still pray for your nightmares to subside.

So ladies, take some advice from your old pal DotRat, don’t fight unless you have to. And if you must spit on people, can you please figure out a way to slip the uppercut. It’s a sneaky punch that’s hard to see coming. Mike Tyson made a few million bucks with it…..and Robin Givens couldn’t figure out a way to slip it.



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