The scorpion bowl effect…

Most of us can barely remember walking out of the Hong Kong on any given night….never mind walking out with a fiance. Bostonian’s think of it more as a meat market than a place that would associated with romance. But, I suppose there is some romance with getting a draft beer for a dollar….at 5 bucks on average in the rest of the city….you know what that is right?

Of course you would have to ignore the mother from Charlestown doing the worm across the dance floor that hasn’t had a night out in 2 years. Or the drunk dude stuck on replay doing the same dance all night. Regardless, we genuinely seem to love it’s high cheese factor.

Maybe it’s the 12000 milligrams of MSG in the rice, the nose burning mustard, or the 93 octane scorpion bowls, the Hong Kong seems to be the spot to get engaged. Not sure if this has been good for business with those who hate the concept of marriage, but it seems to be a niche all their own. Personally, I wouldn’t consider proposing over a Pu Pu Platter the most Don Juan maneuver in the world…but hey…to each his own.

Check out Bill taking the plunge over the weekend.

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