Is this chick high?

So I voted yes on Question 3 today. I don’t smoke marijuana and have no urge to…..but I do believe it’s something that could benefit our Commonwealth. Sure you may have to deal with longer lines at The Fat Belly Deli…..and there will be an explosion of glaucoma cases at Pearl Vision…..but it’s just a part of a broader positive economic impact on businesses. It’s a great source of tax revenue for the 17 states that have already legalized it. And lets face it…people are just happier with a big bag of weed in the room. God knows Massachusetts is full of a bunch of miserable pr*cks anyway……maybe this will help! Yeah you’re right….half of Massachusetts smokes weed anyway….and we are still miserable. Well…lets keep our focus on the cash then.

I wonder if this lawyer smoked a fatty before doing this video….you know lawyers love the buds!!!


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