Luck be a lady tonight…

After a pretty healthy portion of Bud Lights for Halloween. I think it may be time to retire my beer of the summer and go straight winter on my liver. It’s back to my favorite winter beverage, Ciroc vodka. It can be a bit pricey but I will tell you what….I don’t wake up with a banger the next morning. And to me, that’s worth the price of admission. Diddy got me hooked on it when he flew me out to Vegas to award me the blogger of the year award….I’m still waiting on a royalty for this commercial.


Anyway, I enjoy a nice cordial on occasion….but I just don’t bounce back the way I used to. Even when I pound Ciroc all weekend long in Vegas these days it destroys any productivity during the work week. When you run an award winning blog and pay bills, this just isn’t an option. Diddy just doesn’t understand this…so he went and found another drinking buddy. Maybe I should call up ShoeNice and ask for some pointers.


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