Bigg Dee is a Dot Rat!

That’s right….this guy feels a bit like Sean John this morning….well minus the 400 million dollars.  I wouldn’t even care if the roof blew off my house because my boy Bigg Dee is sporting a Dot Rat “DMC” shirt in his latest video with Chris Classiqk.

Now I know not every reader on my site is a fan of hip hop. I happen to love it…probably because of growing up in a diverse neighborhood. I was exposed to it at a very young age and can remember tuning into NYC radio stations with my cousins tubeset radio back in the early 80’s. Back then there wasn’t a station in Boston that played hip hip. I remember being floored by what I was hearing…it was amazing to me that someone could rhyme, string it into a story and hold the beat. Within those first few years it’s all you started to hear in the halls of the public schools around Dorchester. I think it’s one of the great American art forms that should be held in the same regard as Jazz or Blues. If you disagree….try doing it yourself. It’s as if you’re trying an instrument for the first time. All the credit for the founding of Hip Hop goes to DJ Kool Herc

Recently a student at Boston University by the name of Lee Feiner did a documentary called “The Zone”. In this doc he takes a peek at athletes, professionals and artists and how they tap into this place in their conscious where they are able to excel at their craft. To apply some science to it is very interesting… is Bigg Dee and the Chef Boyz in their segment of that documentary.

Keep your eyes open for Bigg Dee’s newest album “Fashionably Late” which should be released very soon. Check out his pages below and make sure you support a fellow Dot Rat!

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