Are these people hard ons?

I understand there’s people who treat workouts like a religion. The problem I have is just like religion….I don’t need it forced down my throat. Yeah I understand you’re f*cking superhuman and you can lift heavy sh*t….I just don’t need anything reminding me what an inferior brand of physique genetics I have.

In my mind you might as well be yelling L. Ron Hubbard every time you throw up the kettleball. Yeah yeah….I undertstand I can “create new and better realities” there Tom Cruise….RELAX!

Just take that sh*t indoors people…I didn’t need the reminder after buying an overpriced Vietnamese shirt at Macy’s…. and I certainly didn’t ask for 2 tickets to the gun show.

Besides….I already have my Marky Mark workout tape in case I need to work on my fitness Dot Rat style for all the fly honeys.

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