Hey Baxter…

Is this robot really going to help bring jobs back into the US? If you think about it, Baxter is the equivalent of one Chinese laborer. I’m guessing one Baxter would be priced at around 25 to 30k. When all the technology has matured and you factor in the company recouping all the money spent on R&D….you may hit 10 to 15k…then throw in maintenance costs and a possible yearly support contract. Technology has always been America’s strong suit and I can totally see us competing with a robot as part of the formula.


But you always have to consider the greed factor. You get some overpaid tight ass CEO who thinks he can squeeze a few more rubles into his bonus check by putting Baxters all over his production floor. This hits the Wall Street Journal and it’s game over….kiss your US Manufacturing renaissance goodbye. Then it’s time to kick Baxter off a bridge.




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