The Boston Beer-A-Thon?

First off I don’t know about Jersey Shore with his Italia shirt but this looked like a decent time. I totally think Dorchester could do a much better job at something like this.



I propose to you the Dot Keg-A-Thon.

Why a keg? Well they are portable….and Dot Rats don’t stop at 2AM. All the kegs can be rolled right into the parks and then its last person standing. Security would handle itself because Jersey Shore wouldn’t dare stand out on Dot Ave telling people to “hide ya girls”. Yeah I know we do all this on Dot Day…but why not late fall too? Can you imagine one flat price to pound beers at every bar on Dot Ave? That’s straight magic right there….I’m getting excited.

Until this gets done you always have the Dot Rat Halloween Party @ Florian Hall on October 26th. You know that will be epic!



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