The Ghetto Mix…

There are times in the hood when you may have a problem with insects. Maybe your neighbors don’t keep a tidy house or maybe it’s just you that’s the slob. The insects around Dorchester can be pretty gangster….. I mean just last week I saw a cockroach with a “Bug Life” tattoo rolling down Geneva Ave driving a 79 Monte Carlo smoking a blunt and blasting “I Get Lifted” by George McCrae.


When you have cockroaches that roll deep like this….you can’t be rolling up on the set spraying RAID and expect to protect your crib. You need an exterminator that comes strapped with the “Ghetto Mix”…. you need a straight “bug thug” like Rogers Pest Control.


I do love small businesses and Rogers gave me such a good laugh with their brilliant “Ghetto Mix” formula branding I had to give them a plug. They are located up on the corner of Bowdoin and Quincy Street across from Saint Peter’s Church….give them a shout @ 617-427-0810



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