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Ahh the good old Eire Pub. Always a hotbed for politics here in Dorchester. I would even go as far as saying it’s the epicenter of Boston in terms of politics. I have seen quite a few spirited debates over a pint of beer in this bar.  I grew up a few blocks from here and remember the old political rallies down at Adams Corner. Free trolley rides to the rally meant endless possibilities for a crew of young Dot Rats with a stockpile of eggs and nothing better to do….ohhh the fun we we had. The rally would shift into high gear as the candidates and their supporters would spill out of the Eire and take the stage beside Blasis hardware store..(now it’s the Fat Belly Deli). I can even remember watching the presidents stopping in for a beer during their campaign runs as well.

Here’s a post from last year that Brown and Flynn were playing grab ass during the Irish Festival over at the Eire. Sure enough, Saint Flynn gave Brown the endorsement earlier this year. I like Brown, but voting for oil subsidies while Exxon Mobil is making record profits is not indicative of someone who holds “the people’s seat”. Hey numbnuts….why does a company that made 486 billion dollars in total 2011 revenue deserve or need any of my tax dollars? Maybe you should have been a little less of an “independent thinker” and thought about us.

All BS aside, check out these Brown supporters standing in close quarters with a bunch of Warren supporters out in front of the Eire Pub recently. I’m obviously a Warren guy, but I have to respect the Brown camps desperate tactic of doing Indian chants and tomahawk gestures. When you have nothing else to stand on….you might as well be fresh pr*cks! If nothing else it gave me a good laugh. You stay classy Brown staffers!


God bless Dorchester…and god bless the United States of America!

I am Dot Rat and I approve this message!

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