Hey Appleheads….Relax!

Where do people get the time to sit on a sidewalk for 2 days for a f*cking IPhone? Technology is a wonderful thing…don’t get this geek wrong …but it’s an IPhone. Even if these folks have jobs, why would they want to waste a day off to hug a sidewalk on Boylston Street for a phone? Do these folks even make phone calls? Are we substituting an IPhone for a void in our lives?

Lets examine an ideal day off for me….

  • Sleep Late
  • Shower
  • Have Sex
  • Starbucks
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Have Sex
  • Take another nap
  • Have Sex
  • Wahlburgers
  • Pretend to cut the hedges
  • Talk about Dinner while making a pitch for more sex.
  • Quiet Time/Pats Game
  • Pats Win – Sex / Pats Lose – Sympathy Sex
  • Another Nap
  • Dinner – Preferably takeout to avoid cleaning dishes

Productive? No….but it’s a day off….it’s time to recharge and be social. But if you take sex out of that entire list….then fill the slots with IPhone usage/obsession…..

“DING DING DING….you found the void….what does he win Jim?”

“Pack your Geiger counter and get ready for an all expenses paid trip for one to Beatty Nevada to participate National Foursquare championship where you will compete to become the first Mayor of Yucca Mountain.”

Point: Spend less time filling voids and more time filling voids.

Photo by Alli Knothe / Boston.Com Correspondent

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