What if I was a Mormon?

So I’m sitting here wondering that if I was a Mormon Democrat on welfare….would Mitt still consider me a mooch? Or would it be cool because help would be provided under the flag of his church?

I don’t need welfare in any form, but as part of the 47% Mitt Romney thinks I vote democrat to protect my “entitlements”. Given my situation, I’m trying to figure out what these entitlements are…but Mitt keeps assuring he will get back to us on it. You can’t really bring up how Mitt rolls Republican because he wants to protect his tax entitlements because that’s class warfare though. Like I give a sh*t about Mitt’s money or his f*cking horses. All I really care about secure job, paying my bills and having a cozy spot to watch the Pats. Sure….10 million bucks stuffed in an offshore account would be wonderful….but if that defines you…you’re a f*cking loser. Most religious groups would agree with that….cursing aside. I vote Democrat for a number of reasons, one is to protect my country from greedy “Mitts”.

I guess the more important question here is why Mitt hasn’t asked his church to stop it’s welfare program? His Mormon Church operates one of the largest welfare programs on the planet….and they do a spectacular job helping people. Why hasn’t the Mormon church spoke out against his greed laced rant? Why hasn’t his church mentioned that Mitt should pay his fair share?  Greed is one of the seven deadly sins after all, but then again I never met a priest that turned down a donation or a Republican that didn’t like the Cayman Islands.

Time for some the GOP’s greatest hits…

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