Boston Teachers Rock!!

I got a close friend that is a very proud Local 103 member here in Dorchester. One day the topic was unions and he said something to me I will never forget “there are those who hide behind the union and those who represent it…..I represent my union”.

The union of the future will have to be more accountable, and take into greater consideration the entities that utilize union labor. The UAW learned this lesson the hard way….but they made changes and are enjoying the fruits with a set of companies they decided to work with instead of drawing a line in the sand. There will always be a place for a solid and accountable union in the United States regardless of those who’s greed drives them to spin it otherwise.

The teachers union here in Boston have proved they are progressive, smart and vested. Boston teachers care about about the end result….our children. Congrats to them for stepping up to the challenge, creating higher standards and representing their union.




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