Mushrooms on the Common…

Hide your Doritos and Devil Dogs….the Freedom Rally is back on the Boston Common this weekend. It’s been quite a number of years since I have been to one of these.

The last one I went to I ended up working stage security for Sam Black Church and Letters to Cleo. I liked these gigs because it was a little extra beer money for the weekend and you got to see a show. Turned out to be an interesting day. I had some dude who decided to eat a bag of mushrooms essentially start acting like he was a bull about to charge me. He literally had fingers up next to his head like he had horns….kicking the dirt….dude was wacked out. So…I’m keeping him off my six….one eye on him…one on the crowd…he’s on the other side of the mosh pit. Then Sam Black Church starts a new song….it’s a face melter…the crowd starts to contract then swell….the pit goes nuts. Sure enough I lose tripping bull in the chaos. Lucky for me someone else spotted him and shouted. I turn around and see this asshole with his tie dye and dreads running full steam at me, still making horns with this “i’m tripping balls” look on his face. WTF right? I just wanted to hang out. Sooooo….I wait till the last second…..take a step to my left and leaned in with a straight right elbow. Now I aimed for him forehead, because it didn’t want to jack up his teeth or his nose….he was just having a screwy trip after all. It ended up looking more like a clothesline….and down does tripping bull. Well…tripping bull rolls over and takes off into the crowd again. About 4 minutes later….there goes homeboy again….this time he’s heading right for a mounted Boston cop.


People I couldn’t believe my friggin eyes. Anyway, raging bull ended up bouncing off the side of the horse and smacking his head off the cement walkway. The cop immediately jumps off the horse and punches the shit out this dude. Within minutes a gang of blue shows up…twist hippie boy into a pretzel and throw him in a paddy wagon… over.

So my fellow Dot Rats….if you decide to take the train down to Park Street this weekend….stay away from the shrooms….try and be safe….and have a good time. And for Christ’s sake….don’t go charging a f*cking horse.






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