The Red Sox trap…

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee on Morrissey listening to Bigg Dee….minding my biz…. then I’m hit with the smell of Molsen and gravy fries. Usually when other baseball fans walk through my neighborhood I’m obliged to talk sh*t… good fun of course…sometimes you strike up a good convo with some great people. But I have no ground to stand on…have the Red Sox have made me anti social? Maybe I could stand on my Patriots…but even then it’s overkill….especially with folks from Toronto.


Umm yeah…your CFL team sucks? Straight awkward right? I would bring up the Bruins but Canadian folks take hockey too seriously …. I just dont feel like throwing punches today. I could walk into Dunks and grab a chocolate stick….they make for great billyclubs. Then again I really don’t feel like spending the weekend in Nashua street dissecting the finer points of A/B with a donut to my fellow felons. That could really go 2 ways….either I’m one crazy honky or it ends up like the scene from Trading Places.

Then there’s always Monday morning in Dot court.

“Mr Dot Rat…do you understand your being charged with beating a man with a donut?….How do you plead?”

Your honor….it’s not my fault.

“Well who’s fault is it Mr Dot Rat?”

I totally blame it on the Red Sox judge….and would like to enter an insanity plea.

Why does 2004 seem so far away? I went from one of the best sports years of my life to beating Toronto fans with donuts in just 8 years?

Something has to give…..but the view of the Herald machine is not so comforting.

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