Crack Pastrami at Alba Deli…

Alba Deli has to be one of the best breakfast/sandwich shops around in my book. From what I understand the owner is related to the fine dining spot in Quincy Center that carries the same name.

Everything I have tried on the menu has been fresh. They even have their own tomato garden off to the side of their patio seating area.

I will go on record with this…..I have yet to have a better pastrami sandwich, they spice and cook their own and list it as crack pastrami on the menu. Obviously a reference to the cracked pepper coating on the outside, but probably more addicting than the drug.

Their salads are not the typical cheap tasting iceberg variety you find in most sandwich shops. They also stock and sell all your favorite deli meats to take home.

The breakfast gets a resounding thumbs up from mom and pops, these two know a solid breakfast joint when they see it.

I had the chance to speak with the owner on my last visit and he mentioned they were starting a dinner menu soon. Funny thing was I was there picking up a scratch made turkey dinner for my dad that they were kind enough to make after I called in.

Alba’s is a no frills yet solid family run shop. They did a great job on the building by keeping a lot of the original trims intact and have managed to build a friendly neighborhood spot that feels like it’s been around for 100 years.

You have to check these guys out sometime! They are Dot Rat approved!

Alba Deli
1089 Hancock St
Quincy, MA 617-657-511

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