How do you celebrate 71,500 hits?

First You say thanks to everyone who stopped by to read some of this little experiment.  Next, you buy everyone a beer and a Dot Rat shirt then put it on Mitt Romney’s tab.

Then you slap on your fluffy halloween Afro and celebrate old school Dot Rat style with none other than Kool and the Gang.


Seriously, thanks to Big George for motivating me almost a year ago, Adam @ Universalhub, Bill @ The Dorchester Reporter, Billy “Sugar” Traft for kicking ass for Dot and looking dapper while doing it, my incredible family, Pat Rosso from the Globe for buying the very first Dot Rat shirt (That’s right…frame it Pat!) and Bigg Dee and the Chef Boyz for the radio shout out last week!!

Can you tell I’m psyched?

That’s the way it goes!!


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