The beer of the weekend…

This weekend it’s going to be all about Narragansett. Summer doesn’t last very long in these parts so I’m hoping to be drunk all weekend…responsibly of course*.

Anyway I absolutely love the story of Narragansett and their plans to build another brewery here in New England. If they can reach 7.5 million cases in production they will build a full scale operation here. I know they already do some of their craft beers in RI. You can’t go wrong with a company that invests in New England…especially ones that make good beer.

I can remember my uncles drinking Narragansett during my first communion and I think I remember their signs in the old Ashmont Grille.

Narragansett Lager is really just a no nonsense, clean finishing beer that’s perfect for summer. It pairs well with seafood or anything off the grill, as a recipe born in New England you can’t help but notice how seems to compliment all the foods we love.  This weekend I think I’m going to give their light lager a shot as well.

And the slogans….brilliant!

Cmon….you know Gansett is Dot Rat approved!

Check out there website here…

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