Harlem Street…

So I’m sitting here thumbing through Twitter posts when I see  Bigg Dee and the Chef Boyz are on Unregular Radio reaching out with condolences for the families of the loved ones lost on Harlem Street last weekend. The whole thing got me thinking.

I try to make this website something positive for anyone who visits. Whether it’s a simple laugh or sharing what I have learned over the years. My goal is to be a bright spot for Dorchester and anyone who wants to read. A distraction of sorts…although… I feel like this weekend I was the one distracted…

Through my friends at UniversalHub I heard about what happened at Harlem Street within moments of it happening. They have quite a knack for reporting things first. But even though I received notice of it so quickly…I have to admit…I avoided talking about it. Probably for the sake of keeping things positive, which tonight I realized it was pretty ignorant of me. And I hope you all accept my apology.

What happened on Sunday was horrific.

It takes a few pounds of force to pull a trigger. In essence, a four year old child can lift a handgun and kill an NFL lineman.

Pulling a trigger does not make you tough, 7 times out of 10 it makes you a coward. The only time it doesn’t make you a coward is when your are defending your country, your family or the innocent. The use of that type of force has to be warranted and you should be properly trained and licensed to do so.

Make no mistake about it…whoever is responsible for Sunday is a complete coward. And anyone who holds back information from the Police is just as cowardly.

These young kids deserve recognition, not only as victims but for the joy they brought to their family and friends…and as fellow Dot Rats…I feel like I should reach out and offer my help in any capacity.

This website isn’t exactly the Boston Globe but it does have a following. I’m sure my fellow bloggers would also offer help as well.

If you have any info regarding the suspects in this investigation, just like the Boston Police tips line, we will treat you as anonymous.

If you would like to advertise an event or function on behalf of the families or you can think of another way we can help…please reach out.

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