Take a ride with Boston Fire…

This is Tower Ladder 3 on Atlantic Ave. The video offers a pretty cool perspective because you realize how much skill it takes to get this beast through the narrow streets down there. Plus, you have to be quick….lives are on the line.

What’s striking here is the amount of a**holes trying to run across the street to beat out the fire truck…like they are going to get home 30 seconds faster. Now this is Boston’s Financial district and it’s obviously rush hour….and these people are supposed to be some of Boston’s brightest. If so, why would they play Frogger with a speeding 40,000 lbs truck? You know why? Because 100k in student loans doesn’t buy you common sense. Doesn’t anyone remember the story of Kevin Kelley? Such a sad day for the BFD…

I suppose every pedestrian in Boston thinks they own the street. Years back I had some dude over in the Back Bay actually kick a huge dent into my rear quarter panel because he felt like I should stop for him. He had a “Don’t Walk” and I had the green light for the record. Well…after I returned the favor with some strategically placed dents to his head…he seemed to realize fairly quickly he made a mistake. Probably not the Zen approach…but I’m a Dot Rat…and in my mind I have a right to defend myself and my property regardless of the sh*t laws in this state.

Hey…it beats getting a gun pulled on you….and it certainly beats getting pancaked by a fire truck. But I digress…Kudos to Boston Fire…you are certainly some of Boston’s finest!

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