The Casino Pitch…

It sure looks like Caesars Palace is making their pitch for a casino at Suffolk Downs. Now I’m sure this means a lot to the folks over in East Boston and Revere but I said it months back and I will say it again, it should be built on one of the Boston harbor islands. Namely Long Island….


Years ago there was another casino out on Spectacle Island if I remember correctly.

Repair the Long Island bridge (it totally needs it) then knock down the hospital and relocate the patients. You isolate the casino, it’s out of the residential neighborhoods and away from kids. You set up a shuttle boat from downtown and the airport and the setting is absolutely stunning. You set up a few beaches, a Legal Seafood in house, some cabanas, maybe some fishing tourneys….everyone is happy. The property is owned by the City of Boston…’s a win win. Could you imagine seeing Jimmy Buffett on an outdoor stage with the entire city skyline and harbor as his backdrop? Cmon….all the Parrot Heads just pitched tents for christ’s sake.

I know, I have killer friggin ideas right. I just see an island casino being pretty bad ass. Where else but the harbor islands?

Will someone scream at City Hall?

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