Here comes Big Dee…

I like this kid…check him out just cruising down Dot Ave with his boys letting it flow. I’m old enough to remember when Hip Hop first hit the scene around Dorchester. It’s taken many different paths over the years, from political to flat out angry. But recently Hip Hop seems to be getting back to its roots….

Having fun, showing swagger, while talking about life and all it’s highs and lows…Big Dee seems to tap into that. He’s not overstated…because he doesn’t have to be.

Boston has been void of solid rappers for a while now….when I was a kid it was all about Guru and Ed OG…. with Guru being the legend. Now Big Dee is a young guy and he has a way to go before getting Guru’s stature…but he’s only gonna get better.

Keep your eye on this kid….I can’t see him being a contender for too long.

Big Dee is DotRat approved!


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