Wahlberg has been “Marked”…

So Mark Wahlberg has been pushing his new supplement brand called “Marked” around town. Personally I am not a huge fan of supplements, I don’t have the body of Mr. Universe either, but I will tell you my reasoning. Take something as simple as a daily multi vitamin, if you look at the back label you see things like 1000 mg of vitamin c or 500 mg of iron for instance. Do you realize what you would have to consume in fruits and veggies one day to hit those levels? Yeah, you would have to be half a f*cking goat and eat a field full of food the size of Garvey Park to hit that mark (no pun). Tell me….what is so natural about that? Not to mention a lot of the compounds found in the cheaper brands of supplements are riddled with pesticides and heavy metals….remember they aren’t regulated.


That’s not to say I don’t respect Mark’s hustle….the man certainly knows how to make money. I’m just a believer in eating a variety of good whole foods. If it has an ingredient list the size of a novel….you probably shouldn’t eat it. Just keep it simple, eat in moderation on a schedule 3 to 4 times a day. I lost 30 pounds without a ton of exercise by keeping that simple.


There are those of you who swear by this stuff….and if you do use “Marked” and notice a performance or muscle gain…I want to hear from you!


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