Who is this broad?

What’s your guess? West Quincy? D Street? I was originally thinking Revere with all the Iroc Z references, but then I saw the Quincy Quarries in the background. Anyway she goes by the name Dedikate….I guess a clever urban way to say her name is Kate and she’s dedicated.


Apparently she’s very dedicated to smoking weed and making rap videos up at the quarries. I was thinking of calling my bookie to see if he would take some action on whether or not she carries an EBT card.


OK…OK….geez. Anyway, what do you think of this chick?

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2 thoughts on “Who is this broad?”

    • im from south boston born and raised. names katie . grew up in city point, ask about me. as far as ebt goes, thats a joke. i have a full time job lol this video was for fun and to see how much hate independent artists in the game really do get haha thanks the listen, at least you watched it right? _ love dedikate

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