Boston Cops hate punk skateboarders…

Listen, I love skateboarding, I suck at it but I do appreciate it. There needs to be more spots around the city for skateboarders to do their thing. But when a Boston cop tells you to screw…do yourself a favor…don’t argue. I know you all want to be the next Dyrdek and have your very own Big Black handling your security…but don’t screw with Vets next to their homeless shelter….you’re asking for problems.


3 thoughts on “Boston Cops hate punk skateboarders…”

    • The core of the article was to point out it doesn’t pay to get wise with cops or old vets. You and I probably both know the majority of skaters are great folks who mean no harm. These kids were trying to grab at their boards and even put their hands on the officer. This wasn’t a security guard…this is a ranking officer who judging by his accent probably grew up in one of the blue collar neighborhoods around Boston like most officers. The kids were lucky he didn’t turn around and crack one of them with the board. I believe in more skate parks around Boston but behavior like this doesn’t really help the cause or garner support from taxpayers….agreed?

      • Misunderstood? Thought you were the “punk” in the video. They were lucky 🙂 If I ever talked to a cop that way – I wouldn’t be worried about the cop but my parents!

        These kids were just plain rude! Thanks for clearing it up.

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