Dot Rat Dad…

Pops and I have always had a unique relationship. He has always been my biggest critic, my biggest fan and even my worst enemy. As you grow older you start to understand your father’s dynamics a little more. You realize that he truly was looking out for your best interests and that he wasn’t just being a pr*ck. More times than not the love he sent my way was of the tough variety. In retrospect I’m glad he was tough on me. It’s given me the ability to cut through the BS I have experienced in life and my career. I have been known not to sugarcoat things and cut to the core of a problem….whether socially or technically. I love my pops for that…not really sure he realizes how he’s enriched my life….but he has.

Now pops wasn’t perfect, he certainly made mistakes…he had bad days like us all. It wasn’t easy raising 3 boys working a blue collar job. Pops also passed on to us boys the ability to bust balls. And those moments where we thought he was being passive aggressive towards us for no fault of our own…we were able to fire back with massive effect. OMG could we get under his skin….

(Disclaimer : This is not Pops and I in the picture)

Enter this dad from Southie….apparently he taught his boy the finer points of ball busting so well…it blew up in the poor guys face one night…. his son recorded a provoked exchange… and it then made a nationally syndicated radio show….Opie and Anthony.

There’s some serious language here….but it’s hilarious.

Happy Fathers Day…Love you Pops!

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